Its Back!!! He sings it different and I’m not sure why but I don’t care because the lyrics are beautiful.

You came to me, don’t hate me now.
This building is burning down.
And I’m holding out my hand,
And I need you to pull me up.
You’ve always been the stronger.

Gone are the fires of childish feelings.
You stand up beside me, without you I’m leaving.
Show a lot of feeling, love in between. 
You know that sometimes you climb x2

And then you fall.

Annnnd I can’t stop listening to this song.


Did anyone notice this on TMP’s “Be Cool”


On The Mindy Project “Be Cool” episode, Tamra was giving major side-eye to Danny and Mindy’s interaction. When Peter tells Danny he should stay over at Mindy’s and Danny started to ramble on about Adobe Acrobat updating lol Tamra was back there like wtf, maybe she already knows about them? or something…



facephase luvs-jade 

Hahaha, good catch!

ORRRRR she’s just trying to figure out why Glob is in the office.