The Quest for Billie Piper’s Shoes

So I’ve been obsessed with Billie’s shoes since I saw her wear them after a showing of Great Britain last week. The intrepid researcher that I am, I’ve been googling and reverse-image-searching, using varied keywords, etc. NOTHING. 

I’m not the only one, it seems: The Daily Mail is also intrigued, and the clearest shots of said shoes (the less blurry images above; the others are mine) come from them: see their hard-hitting journalistic gem “Billie Piper sports unusual tiger slippers" all about it. 

Funnily enough I thought they were tigers too when I saw them in person, but from the photos they are clearly leopards or jaguars. Also, my photo top right above gives us more clues as to their heal and the distinctive golden star on the side. 

In sum, these shoes:

  • are royal blue ballet-type with short gold-striped heals
  • have a metallic gold star on at least the outside of the right shoe
  • have a distinctive growling jaguar or leopard gracing the toes.


Also seen here x, x (updated as more breaking news becomes available)


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